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1.  Payment made by personal check- Payment made by personal should be addressed to Phyllis Hall, P.O. Box
33, St. John, US Virgin Islands, 00831.

2.  Payments made by credit card- You card will say Bed and Breakfast, Expedia or
Travel Doctors.com. This is
at no extra cost to you.

Booking on Line- You can book on-line thru: Hillcrest Guest House,  Bed and Breakfast.com , or  
Expedia.com with your credit card.

Installments (
Does not include Dec. to March)-If booking is over $1000, you may pay in two (2) installments, half
now and half 30 days prior to arrival;  and your card will say Travel Doctors. Contact Owner, Phyllis Hall, (340)
No passport required for US citizens.