Pet Rottweillers of Hillcrest Guest House, St. John US Virgin Islands

Dora, a female rottweiller, was born November 25,
2008, in Fish Bay, St. John.  Dora was named by my
grandson Jordan, after "Dora the Explorer"

Dora already understands the meaning of "no".
She loves playing tug of war and barking at

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Dora, the explorer
Taj Mahal, known as Taj was born Nov. 25th, 2005.  He is
very mellow and fitted right in.  He was brought home on
May 18, 2006

Taj did not whine on his first night and follows me
everywhere.  Very solidly built.

Taj undersands "no".
Taj  is very gentle with Dora and loves to be petted, even
demands it.
My grandson Jordan, who keeps feeding them "Treats"

Taj was my 95 year old mother (Ethlyn Hall) favorite. He's
over 100 pounds and puts his big head in her lap and looks
right into her face.

When he was a puppy, he used to jump right into her bed and
she would laugh with glee.
The first time I thought of acquiring a rottweiller, I was a little leary..., I had to be encouraged.  I was  encouraged  
by  my  daughter  and  I have never regretted that day; They are funny, smart and have lovely personalities.  Raise
them with lots of love and attention, they give you back their love and attention, two-fold. They have been raised
to be house dogs and have never been tied up.

Dogs are not allowed in or near guest area. Many guest miss  their  pets and request  to pet  and  talk  
to my  dogs.  I  introduce  them to guest, per their  request,  in front  of  my  apartment only. They (my
dogs)  love  it. I can see it in their face and bodies.
Phyllis Hall, Owner
Joelle, Taj, Jada and Phyllis Hall

Feb. 2009, Joelle, Taj, Jada and Phyllis
Hall. Picture taken by Joelles' Mom,
outside my apartment gate.
Pandora, female rottweiler puppy,  born January 19, 2016 looking in the
mirror with Taj watching on. Picture taken on her first day on St. John, US
Virgin Islands. After being here a week, 3/26/2016, I noticed Pandora is
active, alert, affectionate and strong.  Nothing gets past her.

Pandora is from Virgin Rottweilers of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
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